Caring for your Stone & 2Pac

Stone |

Platinum Products also treats the natural stone and where required the engineered stone with sealants prior to finishing the job to ensure that the stone is protected from staining.

With each job that we install we also provide all our customers with a ‘Care Kit’ which contains a quality cleaner and instructions for any maintenance to ensure the longevity of the stone.

A common misconception is that gloss engineered stone is porous and stains cannot be removed.

The surface of the stone is made up of small undulations that trap dirt and spills. This surface means that some harsher cleaning chemicals can be harmful to your bench tops. But, with the right cleaner those stubborn stains come out easily.

We have a product that is an ideal cleaner for your stone tops. You’ll rest assured that with the right maintenance your bench top will look as good as the day it was installed.

2Pac |

It is important to take care of your 2pac kitchen/panels to help maintain its appearance overtime.

General Cleaning | It is best to clean your 2pac panels/doors with a sponge or soft cloth and general household cleaning detergent. No abrasive type cleaners or polishes can be used.

Polishing | The products is suitable for polishing only with a soft cloth. Texta/marker damage should be cleaned using methylated spirits within 24 hours.

Mechanical damage | If panels become physically damages, chipped or scratched, you should consult with the manufacture for the best method of repair or replacement.

Regular cleaning is encouraged to maintain perfection