2Pac & Raw Door Information



Orders for cut & route need to be sent via email to admin@platinumproductspl.com
Orders must be filled out on the Platinum Products ordering forms, or equivalent if all the same information is supplied.

Please notify Platinum Products in advance when you have 2pac jobs available for pickup. Please ensure all panels are correctly marked as to which faces & edges need to be painted. Edges that require painting must be pencil rounded.
Jobs picked up must include description of colour, (inc brand) and finish (matt/satin/semi/gloss). If colours are not written on the panels, they must be emailed please.
We would appreciate for jobs with more than 20 panels to be loaded in a box ready for pickup.

Order Confirmation

Moving forward, an order confirmation will be sent out via email for every order received. This includes cut & route jobs, as well as 2pac only. This will include a Platinum Products job number as well as confirmation of colour and finish. Please use this order number when referencing to your jobs.


For any quote requests, please email a completed quote/order form to admin@platinumproductspl.com. Please note that quotes are closely estimated prices only, and prices may change once we have the job reviewed in the factory.