Stone Suppliers
  • Caesarstone
  • Caesarstone is Australia's premiere engineered stone manufacturer. They have a vast range in different categories and are a very popular choice amongst builders and renovators alike.
    To view Caesarstone’s latest range of colours please visit their website.
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  • WK Marble
  • Quantum Quartz by WK Marble is an engineered stone and porcelain manufacturer.
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  • CDK Stone
  • CDK Stone has an extensive range of Natural Stone Products like Granite, Marble and prestige surfaces like Onyx. They also have Neolith – a new generation porcelain surface.
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  • Dekton
  • Dekton by Cosentino is a porcelain surface that is popular in areas of harsh usage and robust life. Once adequately supported the material is quite durable and resistant to most chemicals and staining. It is also thermally more stable than engineered stone.
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  • Smartstone
  • Smartstone is where the beauty of natural stone meets the durability of quartz. For their extensive range, see their website.
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