Geelong's stone specialists

In this industry there is a high demand for water usage. It’s used to cut the stone effectively and with a precise edge. At Newstone we take pride in being at the forefront of environmental sustainability practices.

How we are making a difference

Newstone have taken many steps forward to ensure our factory is environmentally friendly. We harvest our own water through an extensive rainwater tank network and implement recycling systems to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment.

Additionally, Newstone have recently improved our energy footprint by installing 240 solar panels to our factory roof, resulting in a reduction in our energy demand. Our aim is to require minimal reliability on the grid to ensure our factory is positively improving our environment.

We make granite, marble, porcelain and engineered stone in our Geelong factory, and have the flexibility to supply one-off or high volume projects. Contact us for more information.